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A fantastically horrible journey through the early 1980’s. – Part 2 act one - desire

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Something I forgot in the last blog post to mention is I will only talk about character name in these blog-posts. Since it is my and Lester’s story I will not elaborate too much away from our story, the other stories are not mine to tell.

So act one started with the characters mingling around the flag. Getting reacquainted with old friends. Soon Mr T held his new year’s speech for the attending crowd, welcoming both his friends and the Saratogas. Then Kohana from the Saratoga held a short speech. Pen handed out lyrics for the American national anthem which we proceeded to sing while the flag was raised.

Saratogas followed Kohana who drummed all the way to the secret hiding-place for the Saratoga friendship pact, where Joanie dug up the metal box containing the signed pact of ten years ago. We opened it and read aloud together and renewed the pact with each other to live our lives to the fullest. Everyone made a commitment, shared it with the group and wrote it on a paper. Lester wrote that he should be himself. After that the group let some new members in and thanked the group before they buried the box again, for them to be open it back up next year. They left with good spirit and went back to the party up in the house.

I, as a player, had a hard time to get in to character during the first act so I had a lot of time out-of-character in my head. I think that was really sad as it made my experience of the first day less than I would have wanted to.

During the evening I had three black box scenes together with three other players. The first scene was when Lester and Gwen decided to introduce Mickey to their daughter Isabella 6 years old. The player playing Isabella did a fantastic job of being annoyed and bombarding her parents with questions. The scene ended with Lester and Gwen arguing in upset voices and Lester sent Isabella to bed.

The scene following this was when Barbara (Gwen’s best friend) met Mickey for the first time. She didn’t approve of Mickey moving in or for that matter what he did to Lester and Gwen. It was a good intense scene where Barbara threw guilt around and made Lester and Gwen question how they had acted when they let Mickey move in. Lester and especially Gwen started to feel like very bad parents.

The last scene we played together was when Gwen’s mother, the day before the 4th of July, was going to pick up Isabella to baby-sit, and she comes in to the living room where Mickey and Gwen sits and cuddle, Mickey only dressed in underwear. This scene was a really awkward one with many blameful looks. Really good scenes to set some reality behind the characters. I really like and thank the player who played Barbara who also played Isabella and the grandmother. We talked a little about the scenes afterwards and then we went back in game again.

Lester went around feeling awkward at the party. That was mostly me feeling awkward for not being in character at the same time being on a party, which is a place I’m not that fond of being at.

Later in the evening Mickey comes to Lester and orders him to follow him. Mickey takes Lester and Gwen out to a tree and forces them to stand against a tree, bent over, their eyes closed. Then Mickey started to whip them with full force, no warm up what so ever. Both Lester and Gwen tried to hold out, but soon it was too much for Gwen, who yelled out Red (which was the in-game safe word for their S&M-relationship), but Mickey continued. Gwen yelled another time, but still no response from Mickey. He at least switched target and beat Lester again and Lester soon shouted Red - still no response, not until Lester said it a second time. Then Mickey quit and was remorseful.

This was a great scene for me as a player since it helped me to get in to character.We each held a short monologue, before we talked a little out of character to check that everyone was okay, before we returned to the game.

Up at the party, Lester ended up on a chair in the disco, alone for a while, before Gwen came and they could talk a little. He found out that she was okay. Then they talked some about if they had seen anyone they wanted to have sex with. Gwen told Lester to just go and find Evelyn so he could get fucked, since Gwen had checked out some guys she wanted to inspect.

Said and done Lester went to find Evelyn and I offered the player behind the character a pink feather which she accepted. We went away from other players to talk it over out-of-character what kind of mood we wanted in the scene, what outcome and when the scene should end. Then Lester and Evelyn had sex which ended with Evelyn noticing Lester’s bleeding back. She asked what had happened. He told her and made some small excuse about Mickey which she accepted, to Lester relief. After a sex scene the players shall each have a monologue in which they say what the characters are thinking in that moment. Lester said “What did I do to deserve that from Mickey?” or something like that. I don’t remember what Evelyn said.

They returned to the party where Lester was lost a little when I lost contact with the character. But Lester danced a little on the dance floor and then went to bed. I can’t remember much more of that evening.

I woke early as I usually do in new places. I took a shower then headed out and got some breakfast. They had really created the diner feel with the white and red chequered table cloth and even a small menu from which we could order a very tasty breakfast.  Lester and Gwen went for a morning walk around the little lake after breakfast. Other than that nothing really happened to Lester in the morning.

The player had gotten instructions of being in the diner at 11 a clock, to create a meta-scene. We were all gathered, chit chatting between each other when a song started playing without lyrics and everyone got silent and two persons dressed in black suits entered with a sad mood and told the character to write their names on 1-5 lottery tickets and put them in a hat. How many you were supposed to put in was depending on how much risk of receiving HIV you had. One was very low and five was very high. I thought for awhile and wrote Lester name on three lottery tickets.

Then the two angels of death (the persons in black suits) told Pepper (the owner of the diner) to come and draw the names. Which he had a really hard time doing. He had to draw ten names and read them aloud, all those who were read had to stand up and then follow the angels of death. The music came on again and we sat there waiting for what felt like 15-20 minutes but was probably not that long. Then a woman dressed in what looked like old (19th-century?) funeral clothing came in and just said “Follow me” and then went out. Everyone rose and followed. Outside death (the woman in black) said to gather a flower, branch or a leaf. When everyone had one she started walking again, everyone followed. Rushing through the forest were some of the characters whose name had been drawn in the lottery of death. They had survived the contact with death. We walked on and came to a funeral with two coffins in which lay two dead persons. It was Lester’s old friend Max and another person. Lester kneeled by the coffin crying as he lay the flower on Max’s chest. Lester went back into the crowd and after a while they played the funeral march and death read a verse from the American national anthem. Then they again played “Just a Litte Lovin - Dusty Springfields” as a mark for the end of the first act. When the song was over we had 15 minutes to talk to each other before we were to gather in our debriefing groups.

That was a really emotional experience. True sorrow shining through, not just played emotions.

I must say that I really loved how the meta-technique around the lottery of death was orchestrated and how it worked out. They really did a second random drawing out of who died.

One question that really was on everyone’s lips was “Why do we do this?” referring to exposing ourselves for this heartache and pain. The only answer I can give for this is we are experience and thrill seekers in the same way as a person doing extreme sports. I love that I can play around and gain these strong emotions.

After the 15 minutes break we gathered again in our debrief groups, where we talked about what happened and what we felt, so that we could process the game a little at the time.

The first act ended a lot better than it started.

/I truly deeply love you all.

Just a little lovin'
Early in the morning
Beats a cup of coffee
For starting off the day


Just a little lovin'
When the world is yawning
Makes you wake up feeling
Good things are coming your way


This old world
Wouldn't be half as bad
It wouldn't be half as sad
If each and everybody in it had


Just a little lovin'
Early in the morning
That little extra something
To kinda see them through


Nothing turns the day on
Really gets it dawning
Like a little bit of lovin'
From some loving someone like you


This old world
Wouldn't be half as bad
It wouldn't be half as sad
If each and everybody in it had


Just a little lovin'
Early in the morning
Just a little lovin'
When the world is yawning


Just a little bit of lovin' ah
Oh, in the morning
Nothing turns the day on
Really gets it dawning
Make a little bit of lovin'
It's so good, it's so good


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